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Energy bills too high?  Home drafty in winter, hot in summer? Wondering just how energy efficient your home really is?  Wondering what you can do to increase your home comfort, cut your energy costs?  Residential Raters can help you.





Residential Raters is a  HERS  Rater and an energy efficiency firm  assisting homeowners in making their homes  healthier, comfortable and of course, energy efficient.  Services are divided into the three areas:


   Home energy efficiency inspections

   Energy efficient mortgages

   Contractor Verifications



Most families spend more money on their utility bills than they do on gas for their cars.  Many of these same people who may bring their auto in at any strange  sound, have  ignored their home for decades.   What is the energy rating of your home?   You probably know the last time your car was checked, the mpg, but you have no idea your home energy rating, or was it ever checked for energy efficiency.  This costs you money and more importantly, comfort.      


Homes account for 21% of all energy used, and it’s the easiest way for us to cut energy usage and lower energy cost.   Residential Raters can assist you in determining the most cost effective ways of  saving energy.   If you haven’t addressed your homes energy efficiency, you’ve ignored the greatest potential for energy savings.  






Fannie Mae will contribute $250 to the cost of energy audit as part of an Energy Efficiency Mortgage (EEM’s).  These  EEM’s allow homebuyers to add the cost of energy upgrades to the cost of their mortgage, providing homeowners with an overall lower cost of  home ownership.  From the Fannie Mae newsletter dated December 1, 2010:

In general, Fannie Mae is allowing loan proceeds to be used to finance energy improvements under certain conditions.  Fannie Mae is also providing lenders with a loan-level pricing adjustment (LLPA) credit of $250 (to be passed on to the borrower) for loans with the energy improvement feature. The $250 credit is intended to provide a borrower incentive that will help to offset the costs associated with the required energy audit report.





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